Hey... welcome to my website!!

My name is Cristiano, I'm the first of 11 siblings* the Vitelli's which in English means calves (same mum & dad) mamma Rosella and papa' Carlo, and I come from a beautiful small Medieval town in the heart of Italy called Ascoli Piceno.

I've started to work at the age of 14 in construction as a painter and after 2 summer seasons I've started to work in a Pizzeria as a delivery guy and soon after I've stretched my first pizza. I was 16 and I felt great.

I've been working in the food industry since then, covering also different positions, pretty much all of them.

I went to Uni in Urbino, same region just 200km north, another beautiful little town UNESCO patrimony.


I've been studying art at The Fine Art Academy, I was working initially at PIZZA PAZZA A PEZZI or known as NOI E VOI!!

They soon became my family Gigi, Danila, Sergio, Emiliano, Emilio, Carlo, Andrea, Timpy, Luca ...

Alongside my art studies, in my 8 years in Urbino, I've been also working for a cooperative, as a freelance photographer and graphic and as a special need assistant, eventually, in my last 2 years all at the same time :).

In the summer 2011 I've been hired from a company in Greece, in Lefkada, to manage the pizza section in an Italian restaurant.

Thanks to this experience I realized how much potential I had, out of my old, corrupted and conservative motherland, so I decided to leave Italy and express myself in full.

I moved to London...

I started my journey in the UK capital in Brixton with a friend from my home town doing Italian street food alongside other side chef/pizza chef jobs. Soon one of my side job became my full time and from sous Chef, within six months I was running The Joint as a head chef.

The Joint was at the time rated as top 10 UK best BBQ restaurant and I have so many good memories (apart chopping animals) with my brothers from others Dan and Warren, my bosses!!

I learned a lot from this experience and those guys which I will never thank enough the universe for this chapter of my life.

I also had the chance to meet Chef Ramsey which came down to see my kitchen and was so impressed we were able to serve all those burgers in such a little space.

to be continued...


My aim is to prove that plant-based cuisine could be tastier than traditional and so traditional recipes  made with modern techniques...
that's why Modern Italian Pizza e Pasta
100% Vegan

*In order: Valentina, Benedetta, Emanuele, Davide, Francesco, Maria, Luca, Susanna, Elisabetta e Michele.

Also my sister in law Erika.

Few of my siblings with the collaboration of Nazzareno, Andrea and Rebecca also gifted me so far with 3 nieces and 5 nephews: Rebecca, Gioele, Francesca, Pietro, Riccardo, Emanuele, Aurora and Lorenzo.


About the mind behind

The dream is to bring a bit of PickyWops everywhere and also one day live in the sun!
Contact me for enquire about an event, wedding, pizza classes or only to say CIAO!

UK - London
Italy - Ascoli Piceno


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